Customer Relationship Management

Solution Overview.

The Zimele Customer Relationship Management solution is a comprehensive platform that is able to drive key stakeholder management and relationship capabilities for customer or stakeholders, depending on the context. Our solution is loosely integrated with internal and external systems to ensure that the end to end business processes for the customer can be seamlessly driven and executed. Below is the reference architecture for the Zimele CRM solution.

Implementation Methodology.

Zimele Technologies follows the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) implementation methodology and approach for final delivery. The diagram below depicts the different phases as well as the key deliverables. The solution allows implementation of SAP ERP solution for mid-size organisation in three to six months.

Channels Layer

The channels layer supports access to the CRM platform via different channels to ensure ease of access and a consistent experience across all channels for the users of the platform

Channels Supported:

  • Web – to allow for self-service management of learners, assessors, moderators and employers across all MIS capabilities associated with skills management
  • Email – allowing for effective communication to stakeholders
  • SMS – allowing for effective communication to stakeholders

Integration Layer

The Zimele integration platform ensures that seamless integration of the channels to the back-end can be achieved

Core Features

  • Integration to CRM core capabilities
  • Integration to various ERPs from CRM
  • Integration to external systems such as the banks and various institutions

CRM Core Layer

The CRM core layer drives the key CRM functionality and capabilities to ensure an effective customer relationship management strategy can be realised by managing customers and stakeholder end to end in terms of their lifecycle

Core Features

  • Sales – allowing for various sales processes to be executed
  • Servicing – allowing for enquiries after sales have been completed
  • Marketing – allowing for marketing and campaigns to be built and sent to target customers
  • Loyalty Management – allowing for management of loyalty points and interfacing to external loyalty management platforms
  • Case Management – allowing for management of complaints and cases across many domains and industries

ERP Layer

The ERP layer is integrated into by CRM to allow for querying of critical customer data during the sales and servicing processes. This can be achieved on various ERP solutions and components through the integration layer

Reporting Layer

The reporting layer allows for CRM reporting to be easily achieved through comprehensive report views that combine data from the ERP and CRM.