ICT Consulting Services

ICT Consulting Services


Zimele provides ICT consulting services across various industries including Utilities, Public Sector, Energy, Real Estate, and others. We provide various models which include once-off, project support or retainer-based engagements. We have helped numerous clients in digitising their environments. We have also done numerous projects around ICT Strategy Development, COBIT based ICT Governance Framework Development, ICT Governance Advisory Services, ITIL Service Management services, Enterprise Architecture and Policy Review to name a few.


Clients that have worked with us have enjoyed various benefits from our ICT consulting services which include:

  • Increased end user ICT service satisfaction.
  • Ensure effective alignment between Strategy, Process, Technology and People within the ICT organisation.
  • Ensure that ICT Strategy is fully align with the Business Strategy.
  • Reduce costs within the ICT organisation.
  • Benefit from our wide industry knowledge.
  • Forward planning to help justify ICT costs once and have less impediments in executing the ICT Strategy.
  • Maximise return on ICT investment.

ICT Consulting Services CORE FEATURES

Zimele offers the following services to its clients. The services span across technologies and Industries.


We strive to assist our clients to strategically align People, Process and Technology through Governance. Such alignment seeks to achieve successful implementation of solutions and ensure business benefits are attained.