ICT Governance and Strategy Consulting


Zimele consults in Governance Framework Development, Enterprise Architecture Implementation, ICT Strategy Implementation and Business and ICT alignment. Using proven frameworks such as CoBIT5, ITIL, ToGAF, AIIM and Prince2 we give our clients assurance of reliable knowledge and skill.


Our customers can benefit from:
• Clear communication of ICT department mandate
• Prioritise ICT initiatives according to value the organisation may derive
• Effective way of justifying funding of ICT initiatives
• Can help position ICT as a strategic enabler of a business strategy
• Articulate ICT value proposition
• Use as a guide for ICT direction
• Instil sound governance structure and principles

Core features

ICT Strategy
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a business imperative. Through ICT Strategic Planning the vision is aligned to operations to drive and enable business strategy. When the vision is translated into quantifiable objectives, performance can be measured. We help your organisation through the journey of ensuring that ICT helps the organisation achieve its vision.

ICT Governance
ICT Governance is about managing risk and optimising resource allocation to gain business objectives. Good ICT governance is obtained through a combination of instruments and a Governance Framework. A Governance Framework compels an organisation to have appropriate policies to convert organisational principles into desired behaviour.

Enterprise Architecture
Holistic view / usable throughout/ found everywhere
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an ICT map of the entire organisation. EA through TOGAF tools like the ADM cycle can be used to implement a business aligned ICT Strategy through multiple ADM cycles.

Process Analysis
Our consulting services extend to process analysis which will yield a better understanding of your organisation thus be able to put in place improved processes and efficiencies.

Typical Business Challenges and the Zimele Technologies Solution


Implementation Methodology

Zimele Technologies has certified Project Managers, who implement our solutions – we can help your organisation. Below is our implementation framework.