Case Study 6 successfully implemented a SAP ERP and IS-U as one of the first SAP implementations in South Africa. There is a strong emphasis on IT as the key enabler for  economic and social development. The population of Case Study 6 metropolitan area is about 3.2 million people, with approximately 2.6 million people living in the central  core.

Business Challenge

• After the implementation of the SAP solutions Case Study 6 requested a Partner to assist them with the establishment of a SAP Application Support and Maintenance solution.

• Case Study 6 need capable resources to maintain the implemented SAP application to ensure System stability, System availability, and System performance including  expanding the functionality and usage of the SAP system through the implementation of new developments, introduction of available functionality that has not been used yet  and encouragement of business end-users to make SAP part of the daily operations.

How We Helped

City had a policy of retaining work and providing SAP support in-house. However City decided to keep Zimele as their partner in key roles throughout the support environment.  Zimele is responsible for the following areas:

•Support and maintenance of Revenue Related Modules including: SAP AMI, MDUS, SAP ISU (DM, Rates and Taxes, Billing and Invoicing etc.) areas.

•Support the following ERP modules: FICO,SRM, MM, CRM (e-Services), ABAP, Real Estate and BI from the back end systems to the end users;

•Through ensuring excellent quality work at an affordable price and focusing on continuous improvements Zimele has remained a partner with City for over 13 years;

•Zimele also plays a key role in large maintenance and standard City processes such as General Valuations and annual Tariff Changes.