The meter reading application is proficient of all the requirements set out by customers /clients in regard to capturing of meter readings. The application is a native SAP purpose-built for the capturing of meter reading results in the field. The application is completely integrated with SAP Standard User Authentication, making use of authorization function modules and rules configured in SAP.

What are the benefits?

• Easier to Administer
• Easier to Maintain
• Better Performance
• Easy to use

Who does it benefit?

• Easy assignment and management of meter reading orders per region, split into smaller meter reading routes.
• One |SAP system for meter reading order creation, download and upload, with seamless integration, allows for the easy of maintenance.
• The direct integration with the SAP system ensures better performance in app up-time, consistency and not dependency on middleware.
• The application is user friendly and specially designed for the meter reading process.

Core Features

Search Capability

The Search capability allows the user to search for any meter in the field, this is useful in cases where a new meter is found on the route or a route is not sequenced.

Map Overview

The application has the ability to display meter reading orders on a Map, indicating the location of the meter address, based on information sent from the backend system.

Meter Reading Unit List

The Meter Reading Unit List is designed to display multiple meter reading units, this functionality allows the administrative staff to assign multiple meter reading units to a meter reader in the field.


This functionality is used to download new meter reading orders and synchronize results captured in the field.