Transform Municipal Customer Experience with Seamless USSD Integration with the SAP System. Improve municipal customer engagement with a cost-effective USSD solution that integrates seamlessly with SAP. Enable customers to manage accounts, submit meter readings, and create notifications, enhancing experience while optimizing efficiency.

What are the benefits?

• Improve Customer Satisfaction
• Streamline Operational Efficiency
• Optimize Resource Utilization
• Enhance Data Accuracy
• Improve Customer Service

Who does it benefit?

• Cost-effective, user-friendly channel for customers to engage with your business
• Integrating the USSD solution with SAP back-end systems
• Streamlining customer service operations and reducing the need for manual interventions
• Enabling customers to submit meter readings via the USSD solution.
• Enabling customers to easily create notifications and receive timely updates on service requests

Core Features

User Registration

Users can easily register for the application by dialing the USSD code and following simple prompts.

Account Balance Enquiry

Customers can check their account balance at any time by dialing the USSD code

Meter Reading Submission

Customers can submit meter readings through the USSD application, eliminating the need for in-person visits from technicians

Notification Creation

Customers can create notification to report problems via the USSD application eliminating the need for contacting the call center