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With the Zimele Meter Data Management System (MDMS) consumption data from a consumer’s smart meter is automatically collected and captured and transmitted to a remote central location using a communication medium (e.g. mobile network, power line carrier, etc.). The consumption data is then used for billing, troubleshooting, analysing and profiling of a consumer’s energy usage

What are the

• Reduced meter reading costs
• Automated meter reading cycle for all utility services
• Revenue protection via events and tamper alerts
• Reduced technical losses through accurate billing
• Improved management reporting
• Graphical representation – real-time consumption graphs are presented to the consumer via the Meter Data Management System
• Consumer portal access allowing for consumption transparency

Who can

The MDMS and AMI Solution helps clients address the following challenges:

• Cost and delays associated with manual meter reading
• Inaccurate meter readings and estimations
• Inaccurate customer information
• Difficulties accessing the premises
• Long periodic meter reads and billing cycles
• Electricity theft, tampering, and meter failure
• Revenue under collection

Core Features

Billing Management

Pre-developed web based AMR system that is a multi-vendor AMR system currently compatible with many meter types

Billing Rules

Customization of this pre-developed system to meet the client requirements

Payment Handling

Configuration of the Extraction routines for the Data Transfer mechanisms to feed data to existing applications that require AMR data.

Payment Channels

System security offers up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption

Collection Management

Innovative distributed architecture that supports either hosting, outsourcing, or installing servers to client site

SAP Software

Real Communication Monitor, showing real time conversations with devices in the field


Meter Readings can be downloaded in various formats including CSV, TXT, and PDF format