With our Meter DataManagement System (MDMS) solution, data from your smart meter is automatically captured and used for a number of purposes, such as billing, troubleshooting and the profiling and analysis of your current energy usage.

What are the benefits?

• Automated meter reading cycle for all utility services, and reduced meter reading costs
• Revenue protection through incident and tamper alerts
• Reduced technical losses through accurate billing
• Improved management reporting
• Real-time consumption graphs presented via the MDMS
• Consumption transparency

Who does it benefit?

The MDMS and AMI Solution helps clients who have:

• Delays and experience hurdles associated with manual meter reading
• Difficulties accessing meter premises
• Long, periodic meter readings and billing cycles
• Experienced electricity theft, tampering, and meter failure
• Revenue under collection

Core Features

Billing Management

A web-based, multi-vendor AMR system that is currently compatible with most meters.

Billing Rules

The customisation of the pre-developed AMR system to meet your requirements.

Payment Handling

This deals with extraction routines for our data transfer mechanisms to feed into existing applications that require AMR data.

Payment Channels

Our system security channel, offering up to 256-bit SSL encryption.

Collection Management

Innovative digital architecture that supports either hosting, outsourcing, or installing servers for our clients’ sites.

SAP Software

A Real Communication Monitor that displays real-time conversations with devices in the field.


Meter Readings can be downloaded in  various formats includingCSV, TXT, and PDF.