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Our AMI solution allows your billing systems to read any meter, helping you improve your revenue collection, reduce operating costs and delight your customers. All ourIntelligent Metering Solutions (IMS) are built on the SAP platform allowing for easy system integration.

What are the benefits?

By integrating the metering and back-end system, clients gain the following:

• Automated system alignment
• A shorter meter reading cycle and a faster revenue collection cycle
• Accurate meter reading, and bill and invoice creation
• Automation of manual labour
• Improved error management

Who does it benefit?

The MDMS and AMI Solutions help clients who are:

• Unable to manage the grid and energy demand
• Suffering from energy theft, tampering, and meter failure
• Struggling with flexibility in energy billing
• Experiencing low customer satisfaction due to numerous customer complaints

Core Features

The Zimele AMI Integration Framework guides the client to which systems components are required to integrate various the metering solutions. The framework’s main components are:

A Billing Engine

The system’s back-end environment.

Integration Components

The link between the back-end environment and our metering solutions.

Meter Solutions

The process of incorporating smart and non-smart meters.

The Mobility Component

Is a real-time communication channel to the consumer which allows the consumer to access information on the go.

Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS)

Also known as thePlug-and-Play Scada Solution, this transports data from the head-end system to the billing system.