Industry leaders often have unique business requirements that do not have standard solutions. We help your organisation deal with its challenges by building customised solutions to help you stay ahead of your competition. We use trusted methodologies to ensure high-quality solutions with minimal risk for you.

What are the benefits?

Clients who utilise our services can:

• Gain a competitive advantage by automating unique aspects of your business
• Minimise the risk in the development of applications
• Maximise return on investment (ROI)
• Be the first to market
• Make informed business decisions more efficiently

Who does it benefit?

Customs solutions help businesses that:

• Have unique requirements that are not met by standardised solutions
• Want to modernise their IT solutions
• Seek more agility in the way that they function

Core Features

We deploy the following technologies & frameworks

• Java (including JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, JTA and Jquery)
• .Net (including C# and VB Scripting)
• Python
• RDMS (MySQL, Oracle Database and SQL Server)
• Open Source platforms (including Spring, Hibernate, Weblogic andJBoss)
• Mobile and web-based solutions
• Cloud solutions