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Zimele offers Enterprise Application Integration Services to enable your enterprise to integrate processes across your enterprise. As a SAP accredited partner, we offer solutions around SAP ERP software to manage your entire enterprise on one platform which includes but not limited to Supply Chain Management to cover your procurement process; Customer Relationship Management for managing customers; Finance for your budgeting and accounting needs; Project Management system; Human Resources and Payroll systems; and Business Intelligence. We ensure that your business improves in speed to react to environmental changes and flexibility when reacting to unexpected changes in business processes or at an organizational level.

What are the

As a certified partner our clients stand to benefit from our years of experience including care of our certified implementation consultants.

• Personal touch – we give our customers personalized service. We value all our customers and strive to create long lasting relationships.
• Specialized Expert Knowledge – we have specialized expert knowledge in key areas such as Revenue/Billing; Meter to Cash; Real Estate Management; and CRM. We also have deep industry knowledge in Utilities and Local Government.
• Track Record – our track record speaks for itself. We have work with various blue chip organizations where we have deployed and support numerous solutions.
• Support – we assist our customers with taking care of their support needs to ensure that system run optimally freeing them to go on with focus on value adding core business tasks.
• Speed and Flexibility of Implementation – due to our focused delivery capability, we ensure that your solutions are delivery on time every time.
• Custom Tailored – out close working relationships with our customers allow us to deliver solutions that cove special and specific needs.
• Innovation and responsiveness to change – due to our intimate understanding of our customer needs we are always flexile to innovate in order to respond to future requirements and unexpected changes.

Who can

We strive to complement your effort to enhance and grow your organization. Numerous customers have found us as the best company to work with. Organizations with the following needs can benefit from an ERP implementation:

• Need to comply to regulatory requirements such as GAAP, SCOA, MSCOAIFRS, etc.
• Need to Integrate of Business Processes and/or Systems
• Need to Increase Customers Satisfaction
• Need a Reliable and Secure platform to manage operations
• Need Integrated Business Intelligent Reports
• Need to Improve Productivity
• Expanding Business need to Optimize Investments

Core Features

ERP Consulting

We help you select the right ERP tool; develop effective ERP strategy and road-map; plan your ERP Implementation; gather requirements and develop specifications; business process preparation; Project Management; and Quality Assurance.


Our certified consultants have years of experience in ERP customization. Our objective is to effectively balance cost, delivery time and quality to offer value for money for our customers. We strive to deliver solutions that our customers accept first time. Such services include configuration, solution extensions, data migration, and training.


Through our Application Management Service (AMS) offering we ensure that you are not alone in ensuring that your ERP implementation is looked after and continues to add value. We offer various models including a retainer model, bucket of hours, ad-hoc or on-site support. Our high value AMS service ensure that your Return on Investment is maintained throughout the life of your ERP.

Enhancements & Innovation

With our highly skilled and experience people we help our clients continuous improve. We have capability to extend existing functionality or introduce new functionality that will make our customers better attain their business goals.