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The SAP ERP and Utilities (IS-U) solution supports all business processes of a public sector organization. Zimele helps organizations maximize value from its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investment including compliance with government regulations.

Requirements such as Standard Chart of Accounts (SCOA) require public sector organizations to relook at their systems. Zimele’s SCOA Enabled ERP solution ensures that your organization will be compliant and fully integrated. Most public sector organizations use this opportunity to do away with non-integrated solutions and introduce fully integrated solutions that are SCOA enabled.

Zimele’s SCOA enabled ERP Solution built on the SAP platform ensures that your organization is seamlessly integrated from Procurement, Inventory Management, Human Resources, Social Services, Billing, Asset Management, Programme/Project Management, Records/Document Management, and Facilities Management.

Zimele’s pre-built solution ensure that the implementation is as short as possible to minimize costs and time to market.

What are the

Our SAP software based solution provides all the benefits of a comprehensive and effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that comes with prebuilt international best practice. Our solution enables public sector organizations to provide high quality services to the public in a cost-efficient manner.

• Improve customer relationship management
• Improve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery
• Perform accurate billing and invoicing of services
• Manage addresses and regional structures
• Better manage customer data
• Improve revenue collection leading to a sustainable public sector organization
• Improve financial management

Who can

Our ERP solution helps clients with the following key challenges:

• Disparate legacy systems and applications
• Unintegrated systems and applications
• System that are not compliant to government requirements such as SCOA, GRAAP, etc.
• No single view of data/ client
• Inconsistent and inaccurate billing in cases of municipalities
• Long periodic meter reads and billing cycles in cases of municipalities
• Lack of standard financial practices