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Our SETA MIS platform is an end-to-end ERP-based SETA management platform, comprised of all the components required by a SETA to drive its business processes. The SAP Hana platform is fully integrated across all modules and components. Supported in the platform is role-based access control and security across all modules to ensure auditability and delegation of duties. The platform can be deployed at the customer site or on the Zimele Technologies cloud, with cutting edge in-memory computing capability. You can see the platform’s conceptual architecture in the diagram below:

Core Features

Channels Layer

The channels layer supports access to the SETA MIS platform via different channels, ensuring ease of access and a consistent experience across all channels for the users of the platform


• Web/ OnlinePortal – allows for self-service management of learners, assessors, moderators, and employers across all MIS capabilities associated with skills management.This also includes the ability to support online chat functionality (an optional extra item). The portal is also compatible with mobile devices.
• Audit Application– allows audit capability support on mobile devices to ensure increased efficiency for the SETAs around the inspection requirements.
• Contact Centre– comprehensive staff assistance to increase SETA effectiveness.

2. Integration Layer

Our integration platform ensures that seamless integration of the channels to the back-end can be achieved.


• Integration to CRM
• Integration to various ERPs
• Integration to supply chain management
• Integration to finance for budgeting and financial control
• Integration to external systems such as the Department of Higher Education and the SouthAfrican Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

SETA Core MIS System

The SETA coreMIS is built inside our CRM solution and covers all the key skills and grant management functionality such as:

• Bursary Management
• Claims Management
• Learnership Management
• Grants Management
• Self Service Capability
• Skills Management

ERP Layer

The ERP Layer isa critical component of the SETA MIS platform and drives key capabilities such as supply chain and finance, which are an integral part of the management and success of a skills development programme. This layer is able to integrate to external MIS platforms through our integration platform and can be made available to the client separately.


• Finance
• Supply Chain Management
• Human Resources
• Payroll Management
• Document Management

Digital Infrastructure

The digital infrastructure layer talks to the hosting of our solution. Our solution can be hosted on-premise, in the cloud or via a hybrid model.

External System

The external systems layers refers to all the partners and stakeholders that are critical to ensure that the end-to-end SETA business processes are completed from an end-to-end perspective. This includes banks, the Department of Higher Education and Training, as well as SAQA.

Data Management

Data management refers to data warehousing management and reporting. The system allows for clients to have quick reports covering the entire organisation using the speed of in-memory computing on the SAP Hana database.

Document Management System

Our document management system is secure and offers ease of access in all aspects from an administrative perspective.