We offer accredited training, tailored to meet your needs. Our training capabilities fall into numerous areas including ICT, process (e.g. HR, finance, supply chain, customer experience), languages, and a range of other modules.Our training approach is to fully understand your training requirements, the training target audience and the organisational culture, after which, we begin implementing an appropriate training solution.

What are the benefits?

Through our training services, clients enjoy:

• Improved job satisfaction and increased employee morale
• Improved efficiency and productivity
• Increased customer satisfaction
• A higher capacity to adopt new technologies and processes
• Increased innovation
• Improved risk management

Who does it benefit?

Our training targets:

•  Executive and senior management
•  Middle management
•  Junior management
•  Intermediate or experienced staff
•  Junior staff and interns

Training Services

End User Computer Training

The course has been designed to advance the student’s computing skills in the work environment, covering the following modules:

• Introduction to computers
• MS Word
• MS Excel
• MS PowerPoint
• MS Project

IT Technical Support Training

This course will equip the learner with basic knowledge and understanding of computer technology principles and support, data communications and networking support. The student will also be equipped with a deeper knowledge of communication and mathematical literacy.

IT Systems Support Training

This course will develop requisite competencies against the skills profile for the systems support career path, with the overarching aim being to develop a broader base of skilled ICT professionals to underpin economic growth.

ERP Unit Standards

This course equips the participant with the principles, processes, techniques and requirements of ERP in the workplace, whilst not assuming previous ERP or ICT experience. The course content is user-friendly and especially targeted at individuals who seek a career change and require a career route into SAP.

SAP Specific Training

This course will equip the participant with principles, processes, techniques and requirements of niche areas in SAP, including:

• SAP Basis
• SAP S/4 Hana

Our Approach

We ensure that training is conducted in the most cost-effective and efficient way, with minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of your organisation.

Our training has five levels

Level 1 – Awareness Training
• Informing and training the end users of a new system
• Implementing role changes

Level 2 – Competency Training
• Training end users in new system tools
• Skills growth and development

Level 3 – Proficiency Training
Training and equipping identified super users with deeper insight into critical transactions and methods of execution.

Level 4 – Executive Training
Training management to utilise key reports and understanding of overall solutions.

Level 5 – Continuous Improvement Training
Evaluating the delivered training and fine-tuning all knowledge gained throughout the training process.

Accredited Courses

Below are some of the courses that we are accredited to train:

• Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Development
• National Certificate: Generic Management
• Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation
• Further Education and Training Certificate: Municipal Finance andAdministration
• National Certificate: Business Analysis
• National Certificate: Business Consulting Practice (EnterpriseResource Planning)
• National Certificate: Information Technology (Systems Development)
• National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing
• Further Education and Training Certificate: Business SystemsOperations: End User(ERP)
• National Certificate: Quality Management Services  
• Fully registered internship and learnership programmes
• MSCOA training
• Full SAP course catalogue

Upon completion of the three-month intensive training programme, learners will be required to complete portfolios of evidence. They will also be provided with practical experience to support their classroom learning.
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