Our Meter-to-Cash solutions support billing and invoicing processes that are fair to customers and compliant with legal mandates. They bring together customer-facing activities and solid financial capabilities to improve bill-to-cash insight.

Through highly flexible processes, you can maximise automation and help ensure consistent system performances and high scalability.

The outcome? Minimised billing rates and fewer outstanding receivables.

What are the benefits?

• ImprovedUser Satisfaction
Our AMS services provide a way for users to report issues, bugs and feedback in a structured manner. They ensure that all systems are running and in good health with little-to-no downtime in service.

• Mitigate System Risks
It helps manage security vulnerabilities and system hacks from new viruses, phishing and other malicious cyber-attacks that are developed daily.

• Stabilize the Systems Environment
Our tools provide you with reports on the system’s health, logs for auditing purposes and many other useful insights on the functioning of the system(s).

• Innovation and Growth
We work with you to continuously improve the capabilities of your system(s) to meet ever-changing business requirements, allowing you to stay competitive and compliant.

• Minimising Support Costs
Our highly skilled, professional support staff ensures that we reduce support costs by applying efficient means and methods to support your business’ environment.

Your organisation can also benefit from the economies of scale that our support service provides.

Who does it benefit?

• CIO/IT Managers
• Application Managers
• Business Super users
• System End Users
• 3rd Party Vendors

Core Features

Billing Management

Management of the entire billing and invoicing process for energy products and utility services. SAP software provides flexible support for any scalable billing and invoicing scenario.

Billing Rules

Companies can implement and execute billing rules for any division, customer group and a mix of services. Billing rules can be changed as easily as regulations and tariffs change, ensuring compliance during invoice processing.

Payment Handling

Receivables Management and Payment Handling – Accounting, controlling, and reporting of high volumes of financial transactions through the SAP software.

Payment Channels

This software considers every possible payment channel and provides sophisticated and flexible clearing control, enabling you to assign individual clearing strategies, automate payment reconciliation and generate reports aligned with accounting principles.

Collection Management

This includes informed credit decisions and collections processing that is tailored to individual customer profiles.

SAP Software

SAP software delivers reliable, comprehensive credit scoring of new and existing customers, based on historical customer data, that is integrated with external credit rating agencies. It fully automates routine tasks in the collections process for mass volumes of customers.

Billing personnel can change and continuously optimise collection strategies by using champion/ challenger analysis, as well as in-house teams and external collections agencies.


Through prepayments, companies can offer their customers a payment option that ensures the effective reception of payment, catering for bad-payers.