Our solution


Our SAP Certified Support centre is there to provide support for SAP software, as well as the business processes and deliverables which ensure a high quality of support.According to SAP, only a small percentage of SAP Partners pursue and pass the PCOE certification process due to the complex requirements and extremely high standards demanded by SAP, and as Zimele Technologies, we are proud to announce that we have gone through this rigorous certification exercise and have managed to attain the PCOE Certificate. PCOE SAP Enterprise Support centre meets the critical SAP standards as highly skilled and knowledgeable support staff, infrastructure, processes, and deliverables requirements; there by giving our customers the assurance that, we area house of quality and expertise, and that they will receive a high-level standard of support.

What are the benefits?

• Ready- for innovations
• Partners-
added support value
• Reduce-
unplanned downtime
• Free up-
• Reduce-
total cost of ownership
• Fast-
issue resolution
• Minimize-
time to implement

Our Services Include

• Incident Management and Problem management
• Continuous Improvement and Innovation
• Proactive Support
• Technical QualityChecks (TQC)- Implementation operation, and innovation phases.
• 24*7 Support Operations
• Dedicated SupportHotline
• License Auditing



Seamless consumption of innovation

20% Of budget saved for innovation discovery
20% Savings in upgradecosts

End-to-end optimization

50% Increase in process speed for end users
40% Improvement in system response times

Fast value realization

300 days Of effort saved due to fast-tracked implementation
31% Increase in user productivity

Rapid response to new requirements

50% Faster understanding of cloud integration options
100% Adoption of SAP Success Factors solution sacross the HR department

Business outcome focus

50% Faster performance of SAP Success Factors solutions
10% Reduction in totalcost of operation

Business continuity

25% Reduction in downtime
30% Decrease in end-user issues


1 Collaboration - Realize business outcomes via interaction with SAP experts.
Support experts- Get advicefrom your partner’s support organization whenever needed.
SAP Community- Stay tuned with updates, connect and interact with experts and peers, gain information, and exchange ideas viathe community.
2. Empowerment: Build up the required skills.
Platform & Practice: We provide different offerings to empower you to build the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the benefit of your SAP solution.
3. Innovation and value realization: Get more valuefrom your SAP investment.
Customer value experience tools- Realize value opportunities by leveraging available tools focused on innovations and business outcomes.
SAP Solution Manager- Efficiently manage IT and smoothly introduce new functionalities for meeting business requirements.