Case Study 2 had a meter reading mobile application that was used by meter readers. The mobile application was meant to automatically send readings to the Sap system after reading.  

Business Challenge

• The following issues were still encountered:

• The system kept losing meter readings as a resulting meter readers had to re-read most meter reading areas.

• The mobile application was too complicated to use as a result it too long to finish a meter read

• The backend of the mobile application could not keep historical information and picture of meter reading for ease of reference or historical reference Meter readers complained about the issues due to frustrations

How We Helped

• Using its previous IP, Zimele built a meter reading including connection and reconnection application within the SAP platform. The meter reading app improved productivity of meter readers significantly

• The meter reading app allow capturing of readings together with pictures of the readings. The app automatically uploads the readings at any point where the meter reading device has a signal therefore saving time for the meter reader (no need to go the office to upload meter readings). It also allows for reconnections and disconnections of meters while integrating directly to SAP.

• The app integrates to ESRI GIS for route management.

• Complaints from meter readers were significantly reduced.

• All data from meter readings is uploaded to Sap and is available for future reference therefore leading to better customer service.