Case Study 8 already had a SAP ERP system implemented and support was being delivered from an offshore center based in India. This posed a few

challenges for Case Study 8:

•Language and culture barriers

•Inability of the service provider to provide continuous improvement recommendations

•Limited skills provided to Case Study 8

Business Challenge

•Case Study 8 technical environment over time went out of sync, resulting in developments to be completed directly in their QA environment.

•The development environment could not be used, this created risk and gave rise to errors making their way to production disrupting the business.

•Case Study 8 payed a large amount of money towards licensing to SAP and needed assistance to assess and provide a solution to reduce the licensing costs.

How We Helped

•SAP SA and Zimele were appointed by Case Study 8 to resolve the key challenges with the SAP system.

•Zimele designed and implemented a solution in SAP which optimized and reduced the licensing costs by half.

•The out of sync environment was mended, enabling Zimele to implement long outstanding changes and improvements including suggesting additional improvements to the  system, resulting a support contract with Zimele