our solution


Built on theSAP NetWeaver platform, this solution is an integrated records, document management and archiving solution. It has a smooth and user-friendly interface which allows documents and records to be stored in folders, or cases, that live in theSAP Cloud. This product is a combination of our expertise and experience, and has been built to comply with various institutions around the world.

• DocumentManagement – this deals with live documents addressing version control, status, distribution, publishing
• RecordsManagement – this deals with classification, retention and disposal, access to information and compliance
• ArchiveManagement – this deals with the safekeeping of all retained documents and records. Across all these functions, the solution has search, access control, barcoding, disposal maintenance and process tracking capabilities.

What are the benefits?

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

· Reduce administration costs and resource consumption
· Decommission legacy systems while securing access to records
· Leverage storage lifecycle management for a lower cost

Increase Productivity

· Direct access to all business documents – anytime and anywhere
· Easy access to SAP data and documents in business process views
· Higher process efficiency and faster cycle time
· Easy collaboration

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

· Secure long-term archiving in a durable, tamperproof form
·  Compliant archiving ensures retention according to legal regulations
·  High availability, replication and disaster recovery protection from loss
·  A healthy contributor towards a green economy

Who does it benefit?

Organisations that deal with large volumes of documentation and that are looking to streamline their processes.

Core Features

Our solution is secure, meant to clean up your clutter affordably, and allow you to comply with general regulatory processes.